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Inquiries regarding advertising sponsorships on WPANetwork.com and all WPANetwork.com websites should be directed to [email protected]


Scores, Schedules, Standings

Official scores and schedules come directly from school officials.  Only coaches or Athletic Directors may report official scores or request score changes.  If you wish to report an unofficial score for a game, you must register and then click the score report button next to the game on the score board via a mobile device.

Coaches, wishing to report a scoring error or schedule change, please contact the Athletic Office of the HOME team.



For inquiries regarding the status of a photo purchase, to request that a game be photographed, or to become an official WPA photographer, contact the Director of Photography:

David Willoughby - [email protected]


Technical Support

To report system problems contact the website owner:

Mark Martin - [email protected]


Add your League

For inquiries regarding adding your league to the WPANetwork.com family of websites, contact the site owner:

Mark Martin - [email protected]

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